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Simply true to our heritage

Catch the sun, feel the breeze, and let the waves of stories wash over you. At Edd's Beach, every meal is a beachside feast, every glass of wine a toast to family and adventure.

Nestled in the heart of the Algarve, we're not just a beach club—we're your sandy escape to pure bliss. Dive in, unwind, and let the tides of Edd's carry you to a world of sun-kissed memories.
Our location.

Edd's Beach is uniquely positioned at Pintadinho Beach, pointing westward. It's a rare gem in the Algarve where you can witness the sun melting into the ocean.

Edd's Beach Club

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Sunbeds & Sunset Serenity

Taste the tropical heritage

Sip the Spirit of Algarve

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Edd's Beach. Welcome to paradise.

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Location: Pintadinho, Algarve, Portugal

We are opening our new beach club in the Algarve

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Sip the Spirit of Algarve

Cocktails everywhere

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Our own famous EDD's wine

From our own vineyard

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Stylish comfort food

Simply true to our heritage